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Name:Dean Winchester
Birthdate:Jan 24
Location:United States of America


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Dean Winchester
Got a GED and a give-em-hell attitude.
SixWordStories/SmuttySixWordStories: Dean bounces between seasons and situations as the threads call for in SWS. For the most part, he tends toward S2 and S3, but that is not a hard and fast rule.

He has yet to meet a Sam he doesn't enjoy tormenting and has a special affinity for The Doctor and his time machine, although he's only met Nine and Ten.

College 'verse: Dean is 25 and currently living with his brother. He went to Stanford, initially, to make amends after Sam's last big dust up with their father. Too much drinking and a little desperation turned into more than just a friendly visit and they ended up sleeping together. The next morning, after some lengthy conversation and debate, they decided not to try and pretend it never happened. In fact, they both kind of enjoyed it.

After several months of secret visits, Dean came to the conclusion that he most wanted to be where Sam was. He still believed that looking out for Sam was his primary function in life and he couldn't do that while he was driving all over the country. Plus, he just missed him. The decision did not go over well with his father who told Dean, also, to never come back.

Dean and Sam lived at Stanford until Sam's friend Brady discovered their secret relationship and outed them to the entire school. Not long after, their father turned up to confront them about how they were living. Hurt and humiliated, they took off in the Impala and drove aimlessly for a few weeks. Eventually, they ended up in Savannah, GA where Dean found another job bartending and Sam enrolled in school once more.

Once more, their life took an ugly turn. During a drive one afternoon, the two of them were badly injured in a car crash that left them hospitalized for a few days. During that time, their apartment also mysteriously burned down. Now, they're stuck staying at Bobby's while Dean repairs the Impala and they figure out what to do next. [with [personal profile] onlytobenormal]

Player and character are both above the age of 18. Dean is played as a yes-please-sexual, and will cheerfully get smutty with anything human, of age, and alive.

He does not do relationships. He has lots of one night stands. Occasionally he comes back for more. This does not constitute a commitment. Characters who assume otherwise will be ignored.

Similarly, characters who assume a shared history without first contacting me or having played out the backstory will also be ignored. Dean is not your character's boyfriend. Don't try to force him to be.

If Dean first met your character while he or she was young enough to be in a training bra or qualified for little league, he will not be interested in sex with them. Sorry.

Want to discuss a new 'verse? Contact me!

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